About Us

The story of how we put the Power in the Crate

A family of four came together to create the GG Power Crate.

A business-savvy father and retail-experienced mother watched their two kids grow up playing video games with their friends. But like most kids... they weren't always opting for the finest of foods.

That’s why we're on a mission to collect the highest quality snacks and drinks for any gaming crew. Those two kids are now creative, business-minded adults who still love gaming and know the importance of snacking better and staying hydrated. 

The family behind the GG Power Crate gamer gift baskets and snack box

So, we brought the family together and formed a business to bring you cutting-edge food & beverage brands and cool gaming merch…….the GG Power Crate!

See what's inside...


Snack To Win!

Our family believes you should only eat the greatest of foods (even when you’re indulging in some late night gaming snacks), and we think that your family should too.

Explore new worlds of flavor with each edition of the GG Power Crate, for yourself or as a gift. Keep gaming with great snacks and drinks to sustain energy and focus. We challenge you to eat only the finest gaming fuel.

The GG Power Crate makes for the perfect video gamer gift basket shipped to your door full of gamer snacks, drinks, and video gaming merch.

Get the loot before it's gone

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